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Seerah 03-25-18 04:55 PM

Pick for 3/25: EmoteLDB & Plater Nameplates (both updated)

Do you wish that you had access to every emote in the game, and then even more that you came up with? EmoteLDB (previously Fubar-EmoteFu, originally TitanEmoteMenu) provides you with this list, and the emotes are even broken down categorically. Only want an emote that you can hear your character say? Look for emotes that have a "V" next to them in the menu. Emotes that have an animation associated with them will show an "A" in the menu. Note: if you do not have a LibDataBroker display (such as DockingStation) for this addon to plug into, then a minimap button will be created instead.

Express yourself more clearly, and discover some new emotes! You can get this addon here.

Plater Nameplates:

Are you in the market for an alternative to the default nameplates? Plater Nameplates offers a sleek solution that reskins the nameplates as well as adds more information, such as health percentage and buffs/debuffs. You can also have it set to show a more non-obtrusive version of nameplates when you are out of combat. Many things are customizable, including the ability to customize different units separately.

Check out all that it can do here.

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