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MissyXover 04-27-18 07:29 PM

Target Placement Help
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Hello everyone and good evening. I am working on a new UI and for the life of me cannot come up with a good place to put the target frame.

So far I have been trying these two options. Looking for some feedback on the better one, or perhaps somewhere else all together?

Ammako 04-27-18 08:09 PM

I feel like the second one is better. First one is unnecessarily large and away from everything else, while the second one is compact and you can keep an eye on it while also looking at your abilites + your character which is probably the important thing to aim for.
Though if I were you, I'd probably recommend having the name tag outside of (above) the health bar, otherwise most names will just be cut off early and that would defeat the purpose of having names on it at all. Alternatively I guess you could make it wider, but then it'd look a little bit off imo compared to the width of the ability bar.

MissyXover 04-27-18 08:30 PM

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Thanks for the input. I actually ditched SUF and got move anything and just placed the target frame near everything else (and made it a tad larger).

I think this fits really well since the style of default frame matches the orbs nicely.

Just rand a few dungeons like this seems to work out pretty well.

Ammako 04-27-18 10:13 PM

You don't need addons to move default player and target frames, just for the record. So if that's all you are needing MoveAnything for, you may be able to take it out and that's one less thing you need to load. :p
(Right-click --> Move Frame on target frame)

Also I'm not sure if you've noticed it, so I thought I'd point it out. Your buffs frame overlaps minimap.

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