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galvin 05-25-18 04:38 PM

BfA - Bug with ScanTooltip:SetHyperlink?
I have code that checks the spell book on aura changed or spell book changed events.
I use ScanTooltip:SetHyperlink(format('spell:%s', SpellID))
This works the first time, but later ScanTooltip:NumLines() returns 0.
This works on live with no issues. So either a bug or something was changed?

The code that makes ScanTooltip

local function CreateScanTooltip()
  if ScanTooltip == nil then
    ScanTooltip = CreateFrame('GameTooltip')

    ScanTooltip:SetOwner(UIParent, 'ANCHOR_NONE')
    for Index = 1, 8 do
      local Left = ScanTooltip:CreateFontString()
      local Right = ScanTooltip:CreateFontString()
      ScanTooltip['L' .. Index] = Left
      ScanTooltip['R' .. Index] = Right

      ScanTooltip:AddFontStrings(Left, Right)

galvin 05-25-18 11:50 PM

Found a fix. Never had to do this on live. Need to do ScanTooltip:ClearLines() prior to SetHyperlink()

Curious to know whats changed.

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