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joeyo 08-10-18 12:42 PM

looking for a party xp share addon
so leveling with my wife and cant wait for BFA was looking for a addon to share our xp with each other istead of having to ask every few quests.

we tried
and also
and none have worked is there any addon/weakauras string that can do this?

joeyo 08-10-18 11:32 PM

Or a way to update these?

Sylen 08-11-18 02:47 AM

Check and search for "xp". There are a couple of bars and strings. It's not exactly what you are looking for as in you still have to ask but it's an easy glance instead of counting bars.

ravagernl 08-11-18 06:02 AM

Have you tried ?

Edit: is an alternative

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