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Mandraxon 05-14-19 08:51 AM

is there away to script a SET function for nameplates
Hello people.
I am working on some modifications to the default Nameplates.
I am using Set veriables to change the scale at this moment.
i usualy play with the small sized blizzard nameplates but i want to have the option to use the large nameplates without having to change the SetCVar("nameplateGlobalScale when i tick the "Use large name plates in the game interface.

is there a way to script so that i dont have "Large nameplates ticked" i use one Set config and if i have it ticked the addon wil then force another set function and if so how would i code that?

Here is what i am using so far..

-- Nameplate rezice

local Frame = CreateFrame("Frame")

Frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function(...)
SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance", 45)
SetCVar("nameplateMaxScale", 1.0)
SetCVar("nameplateMinScale", 0.9)
SetCVar("nameplateLargerScale", 1.1)
SetCVar("nameplateGlobalScale", 1.4)


-- Hide Realmname in nameplates

hooksecurefunc("CompactUnitFrame_UpdateName", function(frame)
if ShouldShowName(frame) then
if frame.optionTable.colorNameBySelection then

Thanks in advanced /J

Sylen 05-22-19 11:23 AM

Check if the box is ticked or not, then do what you want to do in either case

Lua Code:
  1. if InterfaceOptionsNamesPanelUnitNameplatesMakeLarger:GetValue() == "1" then
  2.     --Do stuff here
  3. elseif InterfaceOptionsNamesPanelUnitNameplatesMakeLarger:GetValue() == "0" then
  4.     --Do other stuff here
  5. end

Mandraxon 05-23-19 01:41 AM

hmm. looks to be what i am after however.

--Set scale depending on if you ticked use large nameplates in interface options

if InterfaceOptionsNamesPanelUnitNameplatesMakeLarger:GetValue() == "1" then
SetCVar("nameplateGlobalScale", 1.0)
elseif InterfaceOptionsNamesPanelUnitNameplatesMakeLarger:GetValue() == "0" then
SetCVar("nameplateGlobalScale", 1.4)


did not work.

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