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Memorize 10-31-19 03:35 AM

Options to lock zoom setting on map?
Anytime I go through a loading screen, my map always zooms in really far and I have to manually zoom back out. Not only this, but it seems that it will zoom in a different amount depending on which zone I am loading into, and which zone I am coming from. At the moment, it seems to zoom the farthest in when I am zoning into Orgrimmar from the Great Seal. Not a really major thing, but it bugs me that I have to set my map up again anytime I go to a new zone, since I use it as my primary minimap. Is there a way I can lock the zoom setting on it so it stops doing this?

jeffy162 10-31-19 05:25 AM

If Carbonite still installs the same way that it used to, there should be a plain text ReadMe file in the installation. Unless it has been updated, it is hugely out-of-date, but it's probably the only place you'll find your answer (that is if it still works basically the same way :o ).

I should tell you that I haven't been able to play WoW for over three years now, and I don't see it ever happening again.

ircdirk 11-04-19 01:04 PM

Set desired zoom, Right Click Carb map -> Save Map Scale after that Right Click Carb map -> Restore Map Scale. After this should keep desired map scale.

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