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Hakamaori 06-28-19 10:18 PM

Kui_Nameplates Error
This error began Tuesday with 8.2 launching. It happens when I target and attack things. I tried in dungeons, raids, solo, bgs. Reinstalling did not help.


x3  ...ce\Kui_Nameplates\plugins/personal-anchor.lua:19: Action[SetPoint] failed because[SetPoint would result in anchor family connection]: attempted from: KuiNameplatesPlayerAnchor:SetAllPoints.
Stack: [C] in function 'SetAllPoints'
...ce\Kui_Nameplates\plugins/personal-anchor.lua:19: in function 'func'
Kui_Nameplates\messages.lua:128: in function 'DispatchMessage'
Kui_Nameplates\nameplate.lua:74: in function 'OnShow'
Kui_Nameplates\nameplate.lua:67: in function 'OnUnitAdded'
Kui_Nameplates\addon.lua:87: in function '?'
Kui_Nameplates\addon.lua:130: in function <Kui_Nameplates\addon.lua:127>
Time: 2019/06/28 23:09:51 Index: 1/1
RealUI Version: 2.0.12

r8response 06-30-19 10:26 PM

Update to the latest version

Hakamaori 07-06-19 10:29 PM

I have updated to the newest version that was posted 6/30/19.

Gethe 07-07-19 12:52 PM

Make sure KuiNameplates is updated.

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