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Mongogoat 06-14-21 04:17 AM

Casting from druid form setting
A few days back my WoW crashed and I lost all settings (no WTF backup).
But I had a setting somewhere to Autochange Druidforms when for example mining. Or casting Rejuvenation (I did not have to click of my flightform). The same with casting from Shammy Wolf form, I did not have to click off the form to cast a spell, it did this automaticlly.

Is this a default feature, if so where can i find it ?

Or is this an addon that helps me with this ? If so, any idead what addon ?

SDPhantom 06-14-21 06:14 PM

First thing I would do is check if Auto Dismount in Flight is turned on in Interface Options > Controls. You could also try running /console autoUnshift 1 (supposed to be enabled by default).

Mongogoat 06-15-21 03:48 AM

Thank you,

/console autoUnshift 1 did it.

Simple and easy.

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