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luxory 12-02-16 05:21 PM

Cooldown Count no longer working
Just as title says, logged in today and the Cooldown Count feature was no longer working. Not receiving any bugger errors and I did not change my game in any way since last logging in. When i disable the feature i get a weird cooldown tracker (game default?) but enabling it keeps my icons blank.


I actually checked my curse log and Bartender4 automatically updated. Did that update break this feature?

dubax 12-02-16 05:52 PM

Rolled back
It was the bartender update. I rolled mine back to 4.7.4 in thew curse client and the cooldown counter is working again.

Gethe 12-02-16 11:59 PM

New update r18j should fix this

Perforex 12-03-16 02:44 AM


Originally Posted by Gethe (Post 321163)
New update r18j should fix this

It did :) But it seems cooldown count in bags doesn't work, not that much of an issue though.

Triksterism 12-03-16 10:03 AM

I don't know if this is a RealUI issue or a Bartender issue, but whenever I get a proc that resets the CD on one of my abilities, the button still shows the CD text. I can still use the ability but the CD still showing throws me off a bit.

luxory 12-03-16 03:06 PM

It is still a bit buggy. Like previously stated, some cooldowns arent being properly tracked when the cd is reduced by a proc, likewise as a DK my remorseless winter is constantly showing 1 sec although it is available, sometimes sindragosas fury does the same.

As a side note, cooldowns are not showing on the aura tracker but since that is getting removed i believe that is irrelevant.

Gethe 12-04-16 08:31 AM

I made another small hotfix that should fix the lingering count.

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