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Shokarta 04-24-20 11:15 AM

Hunter multiple macro in-one?

im looking for this:

If already has "Aspect of the Hawk" on me, then cast aspect of the fox, however if anything else
whatever else aspect, or none, then cast the hawk on me.
and also for the same macro, if holding SHIFT modifier on clicking the same macro, im looking for a way to cast Misdirrection on player in group/raid flagged as tank.

this should be possible, right?

SDPhantom 04-24-20 11:46 AM

Macros can't detect what buffs you have on or group roles. I would suggest having the Aspects switch based on modifiers or what mouse button you click it with if that's an option for you. As for Misdirection, I set focus on the tank and have the macro try to cast on focus first, then fall back to my pet if it's not set (for solo content).

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