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kenth 03-26-16 11:55 AM

Minion on OSX
I'm just curious has anyone gotten Minion to work on OS X? I've tried quite a few times over the last year or so and have never been successful.

When I start it half the display is off the top of my screen no matter if it's the primary display or my secondary 23" display. If I tried to use the menu to "Quit" it his hangs and I eventually have to use a "Force Quit" on it.

I'd like to try it out but since it never runs so I can....

Dolby 03-26-16 11:23 PM

Minion is mainly developed on OSX and then tested on Windows. So its always worked for me on OSX because thats where I do my dev work on the UI end. I know our java person uses OSX as their dev machine too.

Could you take a screen shot of your screen so I could better understand what your talking about? Do you have any accessibility options enabled like making icons or fonts bigger than standard enabled?

Also what version of OSX are you running?

Have you tried resetting minion by deleting the minion config file? Open up a terminal in osx and type: rm ~/.minion/minion.xml and then restart Minion.

sezz 03-27-16 04:38 AM

The main windows isn't fully displayed on my old MacBook either when launching it the first time (only small parts on the right side are missing because the default settings move it to 100, 100 instead of centering the window, but it's still usable) and it hangs for me too when I try to quit it.

You could try to edit the x and y values in the <position> tag before starting Minion in ~/.minion/minion.xml, maybe it helps as a workaround.

kenth 04-10-16 02:02 PM

Thanks for the minion.xml tip. If I remove the <client></client> section with the screen hints I can actually use it.

Still hangs on exit but at least it's useful now.

By the way it's a PowerBook with an external 27" monitor.

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