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Saiket 05-28-11 09:58 PM

Carbonite Dig Sites code up for grabs
I've written a small bit of code to add archaeology dig site blobs to Carbonite based on _MiniBlobs, but I don't want to add it into _MiniBlobs or maintain it as a separate mod. Instead, I'm giving it away for someone else to publish, or maybe to be integrated directly into Carbonite.

Here's the script on pastebin, written for _DevPad. Converting it to a standalone addon shouldn't be too much trouble: Just give it a copy of _DevPad's event handler function, make sure Carbonite is a required dependency (or loaded first), and get rid of the AddOnInit:Register call at the bottom while moving the callback function's code into the main chunk.

I don't use Carbonite all that much anymore, so I don't feel comfortable keeping this code up to date. Hopefully someone else can put it to good use.

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