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frank1492 11-08-12 09:00 PM

Can't Open Carbonite Installer
Using Vista. Clicking on the installer icon, nothing happens. My disc space is quite low. Any ideas?

tinyu 11-08-12 09:23 PM

To the best of my knowledge there is NO installer for Carbonite.

Rythal 11-08-12 09:31 PM

This forum is for the Carbonite addon for World of Warcraft. You want support from

Petrah 11-12-12 09:35 AM

I'm sorry, I had to giggle a little. I knew sooner or later someone would get the two Carbonites confused. :p

Seerah 11-12-12 04:10 PM

It's happened before... ;)

Chmee 11-12-12 08:01 PM

And it will happen again.:cool:

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