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bloodtear 06-15-09 02:22 PM

Lua - Getting started. Some Reading?
Hi there,

I just releases my interface and played a bit with the .lua's, but I still think this it not what I want.
I just do not need some parts of the AddOn codes I use, and I want to script some of my AddOn's by myself, or just want to know, what I'm doing there.
So, dear modders, can you tell me some stuff, how I can begin the AddOn scripting?
I know the basics and I know how to change colors/sizes and so on in the .lua's but, hey, how I said, I want more. ;-)
Perhaps some Readings? Perhaps something in the WWW?
Would be very nice if you could help me,

Bloodtear :banana:

//P.S.: Sorry for my bad English :p

Xrystal 06-15-09 02:28 PM

Take a look at and go to their interface section. They have bundles of information and there and some examples.

Another thing you can do is find an addon that does something small and take a look at the code and see if you can break it down into meaningful information. It's how I started out.

Slakah 06-15-09 02:44 PM

Good Guides

API References

Weird stuff but sometimes useful (although most guides in there are out of date)

If all else fails and your really stuck
Make a thread here or go to the WoWUIDev IRC Channel.

FantaPants 11-03-09 03:50 AM

can anyone recommend a some small addons that can be looked through?

shkm 11-03-09 05:50 AM


Originally Posted by FantaPants (Post 164514)
can anyone recommend a some small addons that can be looked through?

Depends on what you want to do. You're usually best off looking at something that has some kind of similar functionality to what you're after. Smaller sized addons usually means simpler addons, so you can sort your search results by file size at WoWInterface. The snippets at are also great.

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