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Tarrax Ironwolf 04-26-11 05:06 PM

Elevation add-on
Hello everyone! I've been a fan of this site and quite a few of the wonderful add-on's that have been created here. But there is one add-on I haven't been able to find, let alone know if it can even be created.

I've been searching for an elevation add-on which can tell me exactly how high I am when I am flying. Not necessarily for the 'Going Down' achievement, but for stopping the annoying roar my flying mount makes when I've reached the skies ceiling when I thought I was flying level. It would be great to be able to level out my flying mount so I don't go to high and hit that ceiling or end up heading down to the earth (especially if I need to leave the computer for a couple minutes while I am flying to my destination, and return to my computer only to see that I am running in place against a wall/mountain/tree).

So is this add-on even possible? Or an add-on that auto levels out my flying mount?

Many thanks in advance!

Seerah 04-26-11 05:40 PM

Nope. Elevation information is not exposed for use. And just for reference, even if it were, an addon would not be able to auto-level your flying mount, as movement functions are protected.

I, personally, use the left mouse button to turn my camera to the side of my character to check its pitch.

SDPhantom 04-26-11 08:00 PM

There are many addons that display pitch, which is the angle at which you're moving up/down. Currently, there are only X and Z coordinates given to addons via the mapping functions, there is no Y coordinate. Also, from personal testing, there is no specific ceiling height globally across the game. It seems to change depending in which zone you're in and between these changes, there's a slanted collision plane (aka, invisible wall) to help transition between ceiling heights.

As far as auto-leveling, I've found addon code that achieves this supposedly by changing the pitch limit CVar. A couple other ways, if you land and take off without moving your pitch any, it resets to 0. The other way involves using click-to-move. If you right-click up in the sky in any direction, not hitting any objects or terrain, this will reset your pitch to 0 as well.

Tarrax Ironwolf 04-26-11 09:05 PM

Okay, thanks for the quick response!

Karquile 05-31-11 07:39 PM

The addon "LevelFlight" allows you to fly perfectly level by constraining the camera pitch limit to 0 (and toggling it back again) with a hotkey. Note that the hotkey itself does not change your character's orientation per Blizzard's rules, but as soon as you right click and drag AFTER hitting the hotkey, you are perfectly level.

FWIW I cannot reproduce the "right click on the sky" leveling trick. It just sends me into the sky where I clicked.

The addon "FlightHUD" gives a wonderful on-screen display of all the flight info the API has access to, including heading, pitch and speed. Highly recommended.

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