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Shokarta 04-04-20 05:31 AM

Lockdown spell for custom time
Hello guys,

basicaly Im looking for addon to lock a spell for a time (2sec) after i click the spell, so it wont be clicable until this custom countdown is finished.

Is anything like this exists already? Or I suppose this would be pretty simple to write, when its basicaly for one spell only, so it can be hardcoded without any "settings" needed :)

What in reality im looking for is once I click on "Explosive Shot" as surv hunter, it wont let me click again until dot ticks down so I wont miss any tick, basicaly its 2seconds since I clicked on the spell.


Xrystal 04-04-20 05:51 AM

Have you tried OmniCC ?

I used to use that alot in my raid running days so that I could see when the dot was off my current target so I knew I could click on it again. It's reasonably up to date and hopefully will still work and be updated going forward.

This is the closest to what you are asking so you might want to see if it still works and if not how they did it to give you ideas on how you can implement your own version.

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