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raistlinthewiz 08-25-05 07:53 AM

UI_Assistant - Need ModDev's help
Hi first i'd like thank all mod developers out there that gives us super gaming experience.

Actually as a gamer i frequently download new mods & try them. Currently i have 10-15 active mod i'm using. Everything up to here is ok but the problem comes with the mod updates. Tired of updating & watching for updates i decided to write an automatic update tool:

Here's a screenshot of it:

What it does is really simple, its checks your mods directory reads toc files for update urls and checks the update url for new version. If it found s a new version, it download it from the download url provided.

For a technial review;
as you know, mod developers, mods have a toc file;
for example:

## Interface: 1300
## Title: Accountant
## Description: Logs your WoW incomings / outgoings
## DefaultState: enabled
## SavedVariables: Accountant_SaveData,Accountant_Options
## ui_version: 1
## ui_monitor_url:

For a mod to be compatible with UI_Assistant mod devs need to add 2 lines to the toc file. As you can see above;
## ui_version: 1
## ui_monitor_url:
I did not preferred wow_patch version because some mods have very frequent updates other than only updating with new patches. So this represents the current installed mods incremental version

ui_monitor_url says where the UI_Assistant need to check for a new update.

Lets see the monitor_urls actual content:

Example monitor_url from
As you can see its quite easy to understant. It has mods name, latest version and a download url.
So if you mod devs prepare a new version, just update your monitor_url, to maybe a 3rd version and new download url. After this UI_Assistant will automaticly get it.

What is the status of UI_Assistant?
It's nearly complete with basic options.
It can parse interface directory, read the toc files then check monitor urls and if there is a new update it can download it and extract the zip.
But i have quite few days for release. First release will be for the mod devs.

So now i need some mod_devs help with the first release, to be tested and add some more features before a end-user release.

Please contact me here or from my email address;
huseyinuslu at gmail dot com

Note about Virus / Trojan issue:
This program is not anyway contains trojan and virus. All exe file releases will have virus scan report. On the other side this program is licenced under GPL, so code is distributed freely and can be accessed via CVS pages.

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