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Jynks 05-14-11 12:22 AM

[sugest] MiniMap for PvP?
Hi there...

I was woundering if anyone knows if there is a addon for pvp that modifies the mini map, so that he flags in the various BGs area on the mini map... with arrows and stuff like town arrows or arrows to group members?

Thanks in advance

Rigorous 05-14-11 02:34 AM

Have you looked at Capping?

Jynks 05-14-11 07:37 AM

this seasm to be a capping bar timer mod... not a minimap thing.... or is tehr ea feature for that i do not see?

Rigorous 05-14-11 04:12 PM

True, that is largely what it is.

Admittedly, after indulging in a bit of the ol' Noggenfogger, I misunderstood your post and also thought Capping had more mini-map related functions that might suit your needs. My apologies.

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