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kelseir 05-09-14 05:37 AM

CarboniteBETA-542a5 and TomTom v50400-1.0.0
I recently downloaded this version of Carbonite (CarboniteBETA-542a5) and found that there is a problem with TomTom v50400-1.0.0. I believe that is the most current version of TomTom.

I had been using this version of TomTom for over a year without an issue. I was also using an old version of Carbonite (CarboniteBETA-530a1) until recently and there was no problem until this newer version of Carbonite was installed.

The problems occurs whenever I die. I get the following Lua error that just keeps repeating. The error window will not close down so I need to log out to clear it.


Message: Interface\AddOns\TomTom\TomTom_Corpse.lua:112: attempt to index field 'profile' (a nil value)

Time: 05/08/14 11:04:24

Count: 74
Stack: [C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\TomTom\TomTom_Corpse.lua:112: in function <Interface\AddOns\TomTom\TomTom_Corpse.lua:106>


I tested by turning off all addons and just turning on TomTom, there was no issue when I died. I then turned on carbonite (no other addons) and the errors came back.

I was testing on the Timeless Isle at around coords 71.2 58.0 in the Blazing Way. I just kept allowing an elite to kill me there.

However, it should be noted that this problem happened everytime I died in various locations in Pandaria. I did not test it on other maps.

I'm using DugisGuideViewerZ 2.733 in order to get TomTom functionality and that seems ok at the moment. I just thought I would let you know about this issue.

Still love the Carbonite product! Thanks for doing such a great job with it.


I originally opened this ticket in the wrong area of this site :o . I'm re-posting it in this area to ensure the developer is aware of the issue.

I also received some helpful feedback from Nimhfree, but unfortunately it did not clear the problem. I'm copying his response below.


Originally Posted by Nimhfree (Post 292628)
Carbonite attempts to pretend to be TomTom, and unfortunately does not do a complete job of it. Therefore, the TomTom code that is being called in the OnUpdate handler which looks like:

if TomTom.profile.general.corpse_arrow then

is going to fail when the TomTom variable gets redefined in Carbonite with:

-- Emulate TomTom
if Nx.db.profile.Track.EmuTomTom and not Nx.RealTom then
TomTom = {}

The problem is Carbonite sets RealTom to be true only if TomTom is loaded before Cabonite is loaded. And unfortunately you seem to be in a situation where your Carbonite is loading first.

I would suggest a workaround that should help you is to modify the Carbonite.toc file to add a line that looks like:

# OptionalDeps: TomTom

up near the ## SavedVariables line.

This should make TomTom load before Carbonite, allowing Carbonite not to kill TomTom. I am hoping this will work for you, but I could be wrong. Good luck.

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