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Vis 01-10-16 01:07 PM

Shading unusable items
I currently use oGlow for border highlighting, but I'm looking for either an addon or setting I may have missed that would color/shade an item in your bags/bank/gbank in red if it was unusable. I think there used to be one, but i've forgotten it. Any help would be appreciated.

SlashdotXxX 01-10-16 03:20 PM

Think iv'e seen this behavior with example "already know recipe" in the plugin Altoholic:

Vis 01-10-16 04:10 PM

Yup, Altoholic does do this for recipes. I believe there are also many others that do it for Garrison plans etc. I'm looking for one that will work for gear. For example if I'm on my Shaman, then Plate gear would have a red shading to it indicating I'm unable to use it. The same would hold true for weapons that are unable to be equipped.

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