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Gello 03-28-17 06:16 PM

Is /api command (Blizzard_APIDocumentation) new?
You can type /api for usage, and then do stuff like:

/api C_EquipmentSet search GetEquipmentSetInfo
And click on the function to get the type of parameters and returns:

Or "/api unit", then "/api unit search power" (it even lists enums like power types)

It's pretty wild.

p3lim 03-28-17 09:05 PM

Was added in 7.2 as an effort to document the new C_* API.

Raw data:

Seerah 03-28-17 09:19 PM


p3lim 03-28-17 09:36 PM

Foxlit has already parsed this:

jaliborc 03-30-17 04:31 AM

It looks also like they have someone new writing the lua code too. That or the dev completely changed his coding style making this new feature.
Its way more object oriented like addons tend to be.

I like it

Lombra 03-30-17 05:00 AM

They sure have been up to some crazy stuff lately.

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