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ircdirk 05-10-17 06:08 AM

Frame auto resizes on parent edges...
I have created frame and filled it with some example texture:

But it auto resizes itself on parent edges, when i move it with mouse:

Is there way to make this frame go over parent eges without resize?

jeffy162 05-10-17 03:30 PM

Change your frame strata????

I don't know much (at all) about this, but it seems to me that doing that MIGHT change the the way it behaves.

Seerah 05-10-17 03:42 PM

It sounds like you aren't anchoring them correctly inside the parent frame.

MunkDev 05-10-17 05:40 PM

Using several anchor points and then moving the frame will cause it to stretch. If you want it to stay the same size, then set it to a specific size, only use one anchor and then move it.

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