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myrroddin 08-19-17 10:06 AM

AddOn constantly being deleted. Why?
I am baffled by this behaviour. Everytime I install WIM_ElvUI, it gets deleted by Windows 10. None of my other addons suffer the random deletion. This is not a permissions issue, as I have WoW installed to my D:\ drive, meaning there should be no write conflicts.

As for installer clients like Twitch, Zygor, TSM, or TukUI, they don't have issues either, and WoW itself saves variables no problem. I have never seen this oddity before, and I've been scratching my head for a week or two trying to figure it out.

Just to clarify, I can unzip and install the addon, load the game, and it works; however, if I reload the UI, log out, or exit the game, then WIM_ElvUI promptly disappears. It is like Warcraft itself doesn't want that addon! :confused:

Ketho 08-19-17 02:12 PM

It does not seem to happen for me at least

Dridzt 08-19-17 02:29 PM

Are you using some kind of addon installer (curse or mmoui one?)

myrroddin 08-19-17 06:41 PM

Yes, I am using Curse/Twitch. But I think I fixed it by experimenting. I suspect I didn't save the Curse client's "sync" feature, as the addon is staying installed this time.

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