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JahirahDK 10-16-20 03:41 PM as custom search engine

I've been trying to figure out if it's possible to add to my browsers list of customized search engines further enabling me to bring that feature into the browsers context menu.
Maybe your site was constructed as to prevent such external request, maybe not. I'm generally clueless when it comes dynamic web structures so I decided to ask at the source.

I've tried adding the "%s" query in different ways haven't had much luck.
  • /?s=%s
  • /?q=%s
  • /search?q=%s
  • /search.php?search=%s
  • /?search-query=%s


Dolby 10-16-20 03:46 PM

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It's been awhile since I used it but it should work...

We include this in our header

<link rel="search" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" href="/wowisearch.xml" title="WoWInterface" />
It links to:

I know in firefox when you visit our site it should come up with this option when visiting..

JahirahDK 10-17-20 05:54 PM

Thanks so much for getting back to me on this; it's very much appreciated!
In the light of your reply, I now realize that I should probably have made more of an effort to elaborate on what I was looking for and how I intended on using it.

I use Google Chrome and I thoroughly enjoy spending time personalizing my browser through the use of extensions. One of my favorites is an extension called "Custom Right-Click Menu" available at the Chrome store.
The purpose is very straight forwards and allows you to add a custom context menu point with your chosen links, menus, scripts etc.

With the recent release of Shadowlands many of my existing addons became incompatible, and searching for updated versions ( I have A LOT of them...) tend to be time consuming. As such I thought I'd add an AddOn search entry to my context menu.
I decided to add Curseforge and Wowinterface for starters. Curseforge went smoothly but Wowinterface turned out to be less cooperative.

Curseforge example

Direct search URL:
Replace the test query with %s
The key seems to be in having the correct "search URL"; most often found by looking at the webadresse... Whether I'm dumb, or the dynamic site structure is masking it I don't know.

These are the (unsuccessful) adaptations I've tried so far..
Quote: - %s - =%s - ?s=%s - ?search=%s - search?q=%s - search.php?search=%s - %s - =%s - ?s=%s - ?search=%s - search?q=%s - search.php?search=%s
I hope this helps to better illustrate my question. I am clueless beyond HTML and CSS so I often end up trying to use a "visual example" approach to explaining myself.
Any help would be very much appreciated!

Dolby 10-17-20 06:07 PM

It would be

Which is what you listed. It should work because brings up tomtom addons for me

JahirahDK 10-18-20 05:35 AM

Indeed it does... doh! Guess I got some wires crossed somewhere along the way :)
Thanks again for taking the time to help :)

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