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Seerah 02-18-15 09:09 PM

2 things to add to the queue
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1. Sorting updated/different addons to the top of the list doesn't take into account those that Minion has been told to ignore.

2. Mission Unpossible (in Tekkub's category) is not recognized by the client. It was installed by Minion, but was not showing in the Installed list. I went again to Find More and installed it through Minion. Restarted the client and it still doesn't see it as installed. The log has this line:

[2015-02-18 20:54:18.WARNING com.zam.minion.service.AddOnDetectionService checkSavedExist AddOn 'Mission Unpossible' has been manually removed (missing dir '__MACOSX').
There is neither a __MACOSX folder in the .zip on WoWI, nor in my copy of the addon in my addons folder. I've attached the log and xml both with the addon missing and after installing it again through the client. (I notice that the xml shows the addon as having a __MACOSX directory for some reason after installing through Minion.)

Dolby 02-19-15 10:09 AM

Hi Seerah,

Thanks for the report!

#2 on your list should now be fixed. It was an API issue where the addon filelist our API was returning to Minion was using some old cache. I've deleted the cache and I'm looking into how that AddOn was updated. Most likely the way it was updated did not have the proper code to expire the filelist list cache Minion uses to determine if a AddOn is a match.

#1 Making a bug ticket right now. Thanks again!

Dolby 02-19-15 07:41 PM

Just an update. Issue #1 is fixed, just waiting for a few other bug fixes and testing. Might try and release a PL tomorrow (2.1.3pl1-beta). :)

Seerah 02-19-15 10:27 PM

Thanks, Dolby! :) You are The ... Guy That Is Awesome. :D

After installing Mission Unpossible through Minion one last time, it did remember that it is installed.

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