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bwhansen 03-07-12 10:41 AM

Help with annoyances
There are a few annoyances that are about to drive me away from using nUI which I have used for a long time. Before that happens I've decided to post here to see if something can be done or if there a chance for an updated version reasonably soon.

1 - On the right side info panel, any changes I make to the combat log revert to default. I no longer even want to have my combat log displayed full time and would rather it display information (ie. exp, rep, currency, etc). I've tried a couple of the addons (whisper, etc) and they also revert to default.

2 - I like the console on mouseover, but it has a tendency to bounce up and down multiple times for unknown reasons even when I dont mouseover it. I havent been able to really pinpoint what actions cause this.

3 - The bottom area seems to have gotten to big for my tastes. I remember reading a post a long time ago that this would be scalable in nUI6 (at least I think I read that). The standard Blizzard UI scale slider doesnt really reduce it that much.

Are there simple fixes to the first two problems? I understand that the third thing I listed is not something that will change with nUI5.

Xrystal 03-07-12 03:07 PM

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I can't answer on all of them but I'll do what I can ..

1. If you want a customizable chat window on the right that keeps its settings my Chat plugin should do that for you .. Whispers and Guild will always default to just displaying guild and whisper only messages. I am still seeing some glitches with how the chat window is created but I believe I have made a note somewhere either on the addon page or on one of the threads about it to work around the glitch until I can figure out why it happens. As to the combat log, I would assume that nUI keeps whatever settings the combat log has had done to it but Scott should be able to confirm that himself.

2. Hmm, don't recall if I've seen this at all or just ignored it assuming its something I've done but will try and look out for it myself.

3. I usually have my UI scale set to the minimum of 60% I believe and then I reload the UI to make sure it resets. The game doesn't do it properly if at all automatically and you have to do it yourself.

bwhansen 03-07-12 03:57 PM

Thanks for the response.

I looked at that addon and since it hadnt been updated after July and the others had I was concerned that it didnt work anymore. I will have to give it a try.

Xrystal 03-07-12 04:34 PM

Nah, just not got round to the ToC change. I have all my plugins running when I play just in case they have problems when patches hit, and for the most part because I find them useful myself :D

Apart from it sometimes not releasing the window when you log out so it can be reused as necessary it works fine. Just make your changes and they should stick. Let me know if something goes wrong as I'm in the situation to fix it over the next couple of days before I disappear off for some non wow time.

bwhansen 03-09-12 10:17 AM

I got a chance to use the Chat plugin and it does exactly what I wanted. Thank you for letting me know that it would still work.

Now if I could just get the console to stop bouncing up and down when on mouseover.

Xrystal 03-09-12 12:52 PM

Glad to hear. If you see anything unusual or have ideas on improving it feel free to post a note on the addon page and I'll see what I can do.

spiel2001 03-10-12 09:03 PM

Are you using a toolbar addon like Titan?


Originally Posted by bwhansen (Post 253580)
I got a chance to use the Chat plugin and it does exactly what I wanted. Thank you for letting me know that it would still work.

Now if I could just get the console to stop bouncing up and down when on mouseover.

bwhansen 03-10-12 09:10 PM

Nope, not using anything like Titan Panel.

I am using the Gloss Black skin.

spiel2001 03-11-12 06:59 PM

So it's moving vertically up and down when you mouse over it?

bwhansen 03-12-12 07:18 AM

It does work correctly when I mouse over it.

However at random times it will sometimes appear and disappear like it should when its moused over without me mousing over it. And it will do this repeatedly for a time giving the appearance that its bouncing.

Does that make more sense?

spiel2001 03-12-12 03:23 PM

Yes... it does.

When this happens, is the mouse anywhere near the top of the screen?

bwhansen 03-13-12 01:25 PM

Not always, but it does seem to happen during movement of the mouse.

spiel2001 03-13-12 04:55 PM

It would help if you can try and pay attention to where it is happening relative to the mouse -- is there a specific area of the screen that is triggering it, or does it not matter where the mouse is on the screen when it happens. If you can narrow it down, I can see if I can figure out what the trigger is.

bwhansen 03-15-12 10:43 AM

Okey Dokey. After playing around with it some here is what I've found.

I have done this with only nUI, only nUI and the Gloss Black skin and with all my addons and it does the same thing.

Contrary to my first belief, it does only happen when the mouse moves high enough on the screen to trigger the mouseover for the console. Doesnt matter on the screen whether its on the left side, right side or right in the middle. The console appears as it should. But when it disappears, it will reappear and disappear a number of times before it stops. Still havent figured out what makes the difference in the number of times it "bounces".

If you need me to try anything else, please let me know.

spiel2001 03-15-12 03:28 PM

OKay... so once you trigger the console display and move the mouse away from the top of the screen, it will hide and reshow itself several times even though the mouse is no longer in the trigger area. Correct?

If you move the mouse away and then take your hand off of it and do not move it at all, does it still bounce? Or does the mouse have to be moving for the bounce to happen?

bwhansen 03-17-12 03:14 PM

It bounces whether the mouse is moving or still. Still havent been able to determine what makes a difference in how many times it bounces.

spiel2001 03-17-12 07:03 PM

I hate gremlins.

Not sure what this is, how to trigger it or what the remedy is.

bwhansen 03-17-12 07:12 PM

Okey Doke.

Thanks for taking a look though.

spiel2001 03-18-12 03:37 PM

I haven't given up... I'm still looking. There has to be an explanation, I just haven't figured out what it is yet.

crazzzzi 03-18-12 05:45 PM

i know this may be way out there, but could it be something with the drivers for the mouse?

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