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Léthalvenom 06-24-12 04:58 AM

Kgpanels script:hide panel permanent after click
Hi guys,i have a script for kgpanels wich alows me to click on a panel (button) and 3 new buttons appear where u can choose the set up u want from my UI.
U will be able to choose from : DPS,Cancel and Healing (3 buttons)

My question is,is it possible to let Kgpanels load this script automaticly (instead of click) on your first visit in the gameworld on your main and afterwards an alt.
But once one of the 3 buttons is pressed,they shouldnt load or pop up anymore when u enter the gameworld again on that toon.
I just wanna know if this is possible with Kgpanels.

Léthalvenom 06-29-12 07:39 AM


Smashbolt 06-29-12 12:06 PM

In order to do something like that, you'd need some saved variables to carry over between sessions on a per-character basis.

kgPanels DOES have a saved table called kgPanelsDB. It wouldn't be too hard to add your own fields to that table and then override some event in a panel to retrieve the part of kgPanelsDB you're using to store that information.

Unfortunately, kgPanelsDB is a per-account variable (not a per-character variable), so you'd have to explicitly store each character's name as the first-run message is disabled for each of them.

Though, seriously, with stuff like that, why not just make your own addon? Then you could store data per character or however else you'd like. might give you some ideas of how to set that up.

Léthalvenom 06-29-12 01:06 PM

Thnx m8 but i allready have it fixed atm :) Just tweaking my interface for the last bits and its ready for upload.
Ty very much tho.

Phanx 06-30-12 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by Léthalvenom (Post 257292)

Rather than just posting "nevermind, fixed", why not post the solution you found, so that other people who may have a similar question can benefit too?

Léthalvenom 06-30-12 03:13 AM

True,soz hehe.
Just wanted the community to know i didn t need help with it anymore. So they wouldn t spend effort and time on something not needed anymore.

Seerah 06-30-12 12:23 PM

You still didn't share with the community. :p

We turned it into a custom addon that disables itself for that character once it's been used.

Phanx 07-01-12 02:04 AM


Originally Posted by Léthalvenom (Post 257324)
Just wanted the community to know i didn t need help with it anymore. So they wouldn t spend effort and time on something not needed anymore.

Yes, but that wasn't the point I was trying to make. What happens next week when someone wants to do the same thing you did? They'll find this thread, but instead of finding the solution, they'll just find your post saying "nevermind, I found a solution!" which is completely useless and a waste of their time to have read... and then they'll have to post a new thread, and someone else will have to waste time finding the solution that you already found. Why not just save everyone's time and copy/paste your solution? It's a kgPanels script, even... it's completely self-contained and would take 10 seconds of your time to copy/paste it. :rolleyes:

Léthalvenom 07-01-12 04:50 AM

I will later on when my ui is finished and when i ve tested everything on all classes,in group/raid/solo.

Torhal 07-01-12 10:37 AM

My head hurts, now.

Talyrius 07-02-12 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by Torhal (Post 257431)
My head hurts, now.

Try doing this—it usually works for me:

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