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Terenna 10-22-16 10:57 AM

An interesting problem has started with Legion
An interesting problem has started with Legion.

I have the following macro:

/use [mod:ctrl,mod:alt][mod:ctrl] 6
/cast [mod:shift,mod:alt][mod:shift] Grappling Hook
/cast [mod:alt][nomod] Sprint

Which, previously, would use my rocket boosts belt if I held down ctrl or ctrl+alt and hit r. It would cast shadowstep if I held shift or shift+alt and hit r. It would cast sprint if I had no mod or alt key mod and hit r.

I noticed today that if I hold ctrl alt and r it will use both my nitro boost and my sprint with only one key press. Further, if hold shift alt r, it will not cast grappling hook, instead casting sprint.

The singular shift and ctrl modifiers do not behave this way, and cast the correct spell, it's only when I add in the alt double modifier this issue occurs.

Phanx 10-22-16 07:13 PM

If you have any programming experience, here is how your macro would be written in Lua code:

lua Code:
  1. if ( IsControlKeyDown() and IsAltKeyDown() ) or IsControlKeyDown() then
  2.     UseInventoryItem(6)
  3. end
  5. if ( IsShiftKeyDown() and IsAltKeyDown() ) or IsShiftKeyDown() then
  6.     UseItem("Grappling Hook")
  7. end
  9. if IsAltKeyDown() or not IsModifierKeyDown() then
  10.    CastSpellByName("Sprint")
  11. end

As you can see, there's a lot of redundancy. If Ctrl is pressed, it should try to use both the rocket boost and Sprint. If Shift is pressed, it should try to use both the grappling hook and Sprint.

However, because a macro executes everything at the same time, once one action triggers the GCD, no further actions can succeed. Based on this, and your descriptions of how your macro used to work, and how it works now, I would assume that the rocket boost previously triggered the GCD, but now does not.

To solve this problem, you should rewrite your macro in any of these ways, ranked from best to worst:

1. Use a single statement with only the conditions you actually care about:

/use [mod:ctrl] 6; [mod: shift] Grappling Hook; Sprint
2. Use conditions that don't overlap, so no modifier combination can trigger more than one statement:

/use [mod:ctrl] 6
/cast [mod:shift] Grappling Hook
/cast [mod:alt, nomod:ctrl, nomod:shift] [nomod] Sprint
3. Use a single statement with your existing overlapping conditions; the overlap doesn't matter here because as soon as one condition matches, the rest of the statement is ignored:

/use [mod:ctrl, mod:alt] [mod:ctrl] 6; [mod:shift, mod:alt] [mod:shift] Grappling Hook; [mod:alt] [nomod] Sprint

Terenna 10-23-16 09:19 AM

As always Phanx, I appreciate your effort and help throughout the years, I donated 20 dollars to my local animal shelter in your (screen)name!

Phanx 10-25-16 04:05 PM

Yay for helping homeless kitties!

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