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ArsenalLagspike 03-22-19 07:29 PM

Is it worth making a new addon?
I'm asking because I have been working my butt off coming up with what I thought were some great solutions to a healing addon.

But...there's a lot of competition. I am going for one that is highly opinionated in setup but trades off a 0 setup use case. I thought about enabling very simple but powerful set of options that are toggles and nothing more complex to allow for some level of customization.

Is there value in that? My wife seems to think so.

Rilgamon 03-22-19 11:57 PM

Do you enjoy making Addons? Don't write one for others. Write one you like and have fun with.

ArsenalLagspike 03-23-19 12:31 AM

People like you are why I'm still sane. Thank you.

Taudier 03-23-19 05:48 AM

if your addon is new or you think that she has a better design, algorithm, functionality, yes sure, post it.

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