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Firesong 06-21-22 08:44 AM

Documentation for correct toolbar button for spells
Hi all,

Hekili has the ability to tell you what button a spell is on but I'm baffled how they do it. I've tried breaking their addon a few times but the stack traces in BugSack make my head hurt.

Is there any documentation on this particular part of the WoW Lua API someone to which could provide a link?

Thanks in advance.

SDPhantom 06-22-22 05:03 PM

Can you give an example of a stack trace that you're having trouble with?

A stack trace basically lists all active functions with the currently running one at the top. With few exceptions, it generally lists what the function is named, what file the function is defined in, where it is in the file, and the line the run position is currently at in that function. This only really works in Lua-defined functions as C functions from the game itself aren't really supported at this detail and usually either supply a name or show up as "?". There are a few things even in pure Lua code that can confuse a stacktrace and you need to look at the surrounding lines to get a better idea of what's going on.

Firesong 06-23-22 12:00 AM

I found where Hekili has the ReadKeybindings function and all is going well. Thanks for your reply.

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