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aalanek 12-31-14 07:35 AM

nUI Replacement
I want to say I've very much enjoyed using nUI over the past several years. The interface makes sense to me in the way it's laid out and the addon support is great ...

That said, there hasn't really been a lot of updates over the last year since I made my donation and I had been expecting a little more than TOC changes.

So my question is - those that have moved on, have you found a decent replacement for nUI?


Xrystal 12-31-14 09:38 AM

I am still using nUI at the moment. So far it is the only UI that fits my playstyle despite trying a few. I am slowly working on how to build my own UI from scratch to suit my style with some flexibility but there are a lot of gaps in my knowledge that I have been trying to figure out from the various addons out there that have those functions, so it is gonna be a while before I move on from nUI.

Various UIs I have tried in the past include :
Qarth UI
Supervillain UI

Whilst they look good, once I start actually playing the game it doesn't work for me. Probably because I have used nUI so long I am used to how everything works.

My suggestion is to start with a clean slate no addons UI and take a look at the ones out there and whether they are compiled addon UIs or standalone UIs and try questing/dungeons etc with them installed and see if you can fill in whats missing or remove what you don't want/need etc. I'm sure you will eventually find something that comes close to what works for you.

aalanek 01-26-15 07:33 AM

I think I'm stuck with you - nothing seems to work like nUI for me

lairdofdeath 01-28-15 06:29 PM

im using Elvui at the moment i got the lay out just about the same as NUI but i miss the info panel :(

MakeVio 11-14-15 10:55 PM

So is this no longer updated?

Grumpyrowley 11-15-15 06:53 AM

As a player who hates change I tried a couple before I settled on RealUI, its well supported and works for me
Happy hunting

Xrystal 11-19-15 11:52 PM

Nui is still working. I'm still using it. Granted I don't run dungeons etc so can't confirm that side of it. There is a site called that Scott should be visiting when he can. Personally I haven't spent more than an hour in game in the last month or two, waiting for next expansion to see if it fits with my gameplay style.

bruj0 11-20-15 12:29 AM

Elvui works really well and its very lightweight i would say it uses less resources than nUI.

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