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Jynks 09-11-18 07:03 PM

Simple Gold Tracker Type thing
I'm looking for a mod that lets me see my incoming and outgoing. I like Accountant but it dose not record gold from the Auction House.. all the gold from the mail didn't get recorded.. dose anyone know any alternatives.. I do not need a huge amount of features.. mainly I want a "Incoming / Outgoing / Total Gain Per Session)

JDoubleU00 09-11-18 07:29 PM

Would this one meet your needs?

Jynks 09-11-18 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by JDoubleU00 (Post 330068)

This is one of the plugins for titan plannle type things...

What thing would you recommend?

Seerah 09-11-18 08:44 PM

I use DockingStation, myself.

Ammako 09-11-18 09:10 PM

Money Trail tracks money gains/losses on a per-session basis along with tracking your gold across characters, if you'd prefer something which doesn't rely on a LDB panel.

(Note that per-session includes /reload)

If you wanted something that can track gains and losses across multiple days then I'm not sure, but since you specified Per Session I hope that would be plenty.

Downside is, if you use any bag addons that replace the default Blizzard ones, it's possible it may not be supported there. It supports a lot of replacement bag addons, but there can be some it doesn't support.

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