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Saith90 08-24-20 09:45 AM

targetframetot error
hi there,
actually im searching for a way to fix a targetframetot error.
im using lorti ui remake and get several times infight errors. after the error the targetoftarget frame disappears

any idea?

Xrystal 08-24-20 02:21 PM

First off .. do you have any other addons at all installed ? If so disable them and just have one addon running and see if you can get the error to occur again ..

It might be that another addon is to blame but Lorti-UI is getting the blame instead ..

Another consideration is that it tried to update during combat ( were you fighting shortly before the flight ? ) but was flagged up as an incombat scenario so scheduled it to update when out of combat .. and then the unit frame didn't exist ..

Whether any of these are possible are hard to say .. but do the first thing first to tie it down to a particular addon. Also try the same thing without addons to see if it occurs under normal conditions. That includes any combat you may have done before hand .. just in case that is also a factor .. based on the the incombatskipped variable in the report.

Seerah 08-25-20 11:36 AM

I would say your problem lies in using an addon that was last updated over 3 years ago (according to Curseforge). I doubt the blame lies with another addon. It may be quite involved to fix and update this. You may be better served to find something new.

Xrystal 08-25-20 03:07 PM

Lorti UI Remake is updated for 8.3.0 and created earlier this year. You may have stumbled across some errors they haven't seen yet, but seeing as there are over 4k downloads this month with no apparent error reports similar to what you are seeing my initial thought that another addon is the one causing the error.

I would suggest that you report the problem on the issues page on Curseforge.

But, first make sure you are using the latest version of the addon which was updated earlier this month.

Seerah 08-25-20 07:29 PM

My bad - I missed the Remake page. :o

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