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jaslm 10-31-16 03:47 PM

ColorPickerFrame problem
The ColorPickerFrame display does not reflect the color passed in on the ColorSelect:Show call. This can be seen in the color wheel, bar and swatch. The initial display shows white as the color setting, and thereafter whatever color the last click set the value on the wheel to.

This breaks both the default ColorPicker and my addon ColorPickerPlus.

ColorSelect:SetColorRGB seems to set color internally, but not to display it properly in the WoW widgets.

ColorPickerPlus can still copy and paste colors, and allows text entry, but without the display working properly, it's pretty confusing.

zork 11-01-16 12:20 AM

Have you read about the frame of type ColorSelect?

Tojaso 11-01-16 09:00 AM

Jaslm and I worked on this together. The standard ColorPickerFrame that is used to select colors is blizz's pre-configured ColorSelect frame. Jaslm's ColorPickerPlus hooks several of the functions in ColorPickerFrame to add features. The reported bug was introduced fairly recently and was reported by users of both the built-in color picker and ColorPickerPlus. We instrumented the code to determine that internal r, g, b values are correctly set with SetColorRGB (by checking what is returned with GetColorRGB) but the displayed color is not updated properly in blizz's ColorPickerFrame. In any case, the bug is demonstrated with the built-in color picker no longer coming up showing the color it is supposed to edit.

I'll look at the ColorPickerFrame.xml code to see if any changes were made in 7.1.

zork 11-01-16 09:43 AM

From 7.0.3

-ColorSwatch:SetTexture(r, g, b);
+ColorSwatch:SetColorTexture(r, g, b);

The framexml reflects WOW-22882patch7.1.0_PTR from 9 days ago. No changes since 7.0.3.

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