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MNKyDeth 11-17-14 08:37 AM

Version: 10.0.6_alpha
Ahh yes, some Lua errors...

This first one I put on my fishing pole and fishing hat. I then used my fishing hat to buff my fishing pole with a lure, +75 increase to fishing. I did this to the Kalu'ak fishing pole. This created a fishing pole icon buff on the buff bar. But, it also created a blank icon. Anyway here is the error.

Interface\AddOns\RDX\RosterMgr\UDB.lua:1815: attempt to compare number with boolean

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\VFL\Timers\Schedulers.lua:125: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\Timers\Schedulers.lua:122>

And more...

[string "local windowpath = "RDXDiskTheme:MD3:Player..."]:211: attempt to compare number with nil

Stack trace:
...erface\AddOns\RDX\Designs\Lists\HeaderAuraEngine.lua:161: in function <...erface\AddOns\RDX\Designs\Lists\HeaderAuraEngine.lua:161>

Edit 1:

I was trying to fly from The ring of Trial, Nagrand .... to .... Veil Terokk, Spires of Arak. I was not able to click and fly. I got a Lua error that's posted below. I also had to disable the addon in order to use the flight path.

Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Travels\Travel.lua:163: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil)

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Travels\Travel.lua:163: in function `TakeTaxiNode'
[string "*:OnClick"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

strikerboy414 11-17-14 01:25 PM

I got the same error from that flight path.

MNKyDeth 11-18-14 06:16 AM

Another question. Should we report all flight path bugs? Are they fixed on an individual basis or one fix will fix them all?

I wasn't for sure so here is another.

Interface\AddOns\RDX\MapMgr\Travels\Travel.lua:371: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value)

Stack trace:
Interface\AddOns\VFL\Timers\Schedulers.lua:125: in function <Interface\AddOns\VFL\Timers\Schedulers.lua:122>

That Lua error is when I took the flight path from Vol'jin's Pride, Taladar to Durotan's grasp, Taladar. I did not have to disable OpenRDX to use the flight path it only produced an error.

sigg 11-18-14 03:52 PM


Sorry for the poor code in the taxi detection.

All the errors are fixed in 10.0.7 alpha

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