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hasnogaems 10-29-19 09:28 AM

Restore old character look
I changed race in mop, but now I want my old char back with old look presets. Can I somehow get information about those presets from old mop client? Cache etc.

Xrystal 10-29-19 11:52 AM

You could change your race back but it won't change the visual display to the old way it looked as Blizzard has upgraded the graphics. If you don't like the new graphics you could try lowering the graphic level and see if that changes it but I doubt that will change it that much. The only other way is to play Classic with a new character as the old (maybe even original) visuals are used in that version of wow if I remember rightly.

hasnogaems 11-18-19 10:08 PM

I want to know how my char would look now if I still have the same old presets.
Im talking about "skin, skin color, hair style, etc" that is options on character creation menu.

I remember, when you load your char on whead, you could see # those options have.

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