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Ehnoah 07-01-12 04:38 AM

GetModule not Working?

what I read is that GetModule was disabled in Cata Beta.

Reason why I am asking is, because BigWigs (MOP Beta Version) could not load "Colors" Module.
Rest seems fine. They reworked somethink ?

Phanx 07-02-12 07:14 PM

There are tons of addons and libraries that define "GetModule" on themselves... which one are you talking about? Where did you read that it was "disabled"?

If you are having a problem with an addon that is specifically labeled as a MoP test version, you should report the problem to the author of that addon, and you should be a lot more specific than this post. Are you seeing any error messages? If not, enable Lua errors under Interface Options > Help and try again. If so, what are the actual error messages? When does the problem happen (eg. when you log in, when you open the options frame, etc.)? Does it happen when that addon is the only addon enabled?

Ehnoah 07-03-12 05:30 AM


sorry I meaning Bigwigs i used latest Beta Version but it says allways says ->

Usage: GetModule(name, silent): 'name' - Cannot find module 'Colors'.

Phanx 07-03-12 07:30 PM

Judging from the changelog, BigWigs is under pretty rapid beta development. Between that and the fact that the project page does not say anything about MoP testing, I'd guess that alphas are probably not meant to be stable enough for widespread testing at this point. I see there's already a ticket open about the problem, so you'll probably just have to wait until a BigWigs developer fixes it.

Alternatively, you can try to fix it yourself, and commit your changes to the BigWigs code repository, since it is open to the public. (Though you should not commit anything until you've tested it and determine that it works, of course!)

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