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Rusken 09-03-11 09:07 AM

Looking for a power bar addon
Evening folks, i am atm using SUF and with suf you cant separate the health bar from the power bar wich i want.
So i wonder if there is any addon out there that is a power bar wich shows mine and the targets current mana/rage etc?
It must have the options to change borders, colors and so on.
I did look in to stuf but with it you cant make it look like this without seeing the health bar in the background when ur low on mana/rage ->

Switching to OuF or PB is not an option, i have put down to much work in my current frames, just want my power bar the way it is on the image i hosted.
Thanks in advance.

Learza 09-03-11 09:35 AM

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Sure you can do that with StUF you probably had a transparent background on you powerbar. :)

I didn't center it but you get the idea.

And by background i meant backdrop....

Seerah 09-03-11 12:07 PM

This is stuf, too. ;)

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