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Amaru 01-25-08 06:27 AM

Why did you pick your race and class?
I've head some weird answerers to this and want to know some of yours.

Me. I chose a Human Pally. Why? Because humans look better than a Dwarf. I cose a pally because I saw some awesome videos with them and the look cool.

Kallieen 01-25-08 07:15 AM

I like playing evil SOB' undead 'lock seemed obvious to me. :D

Gemini_II 01-25-08 09:17 AM

I always like being different. And I always have thought that humans are boring. For alliance I love dwarves (ever since good ol' D&D days). For Horde, the Taurens are kick ass (and were the only shamans for ages), and who doesn't love a zombie? :)

BTW Kallieen: Love the sig! D&D, AD&D(1,2,3 Editions), Rolemaster, Spacemaster, Warhammer fantasy, Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, Paranoia, Amber, World of Darkness... the list goes on

MidgetMage55 01-25-08 10:07 AM

Well my first toon was chosen based on a concept my wife had for the guild she to make (an all gnome/dwarf guild) called Tiny Tyrants. We went to the gnomeregan server and got to work. I decided we should have at least one priest (from past mmo's healers were always hard to find) and since gnomes cant be priests i rolled up a dwarf. On the same server nearly all my toons are gnomes or dwarves. Its my midget army ... **points to his name** In nearly any fantasy based game i will usually have a handful of gnomes since they are generally pretty amusing and in alot of other games race isnt always a factor.

Its a good thing wow made player a preist fun cause i normally dont enjoy playing a healer. Now im hooked and wouldnt give it up =)

Any other toons ive made since have had their race chosen based on who had the most compatible racial bonus for the class i was making.

Flarin 01-25-08 11:48 AM

Class / Race Selection
To be honest when I first start playing the game shortly after Beta I chose a night elf because I thought they looked cool. After level 60 and I started to understand the game mechanics better I went horde, because I felt the racials were better imho.

I chose a hunter on the horde side first - an Orc for the pet damage bonus. He is my farmer - makes me gold so quickly and easily and in PvE has a super high survivability rating. I should add my opinions are based on "normal" questing gear, I am not a raider.

Second I chose an Undead Priest for PvP - very fun.

Next I went Troll Mage for the racial - speeds up spell casting.

Belf Pally next - if it wasn't the only horde class that could be a pally I would still choose a belf - the racial is awesome for casters.

Troll rogue, again for the racial - berserking + SnD ftw.

Now, with so many 70s, I am just experimenting. I have both an Orc and Tauren warrior - maybe one will tank and one will be fury.

Long train of though - but I guess the point is I have come full circle. I started out the game choosing what I thought looked cool, then once I understood the game mechanics I chose based on racial abilities, now that I have done that I am experimenting with odd combinations for not reason other than to not be bored with the game.

FrOsT_SeEr™ 01-25-08 02:14 PM

Orc shammy - orcs are the best shamans
blood elf mage - good in pvp and blood elves are damm cool.

Tobiah 01-25-08 02:46 PM

Gnome cause is a small class.

Rogue cause i like to move around in stealth

reiyo.oki 01-26-08 11:49 AM

Chose Draenei Paladin for a few reasons, one of which is the fact that the racials made for a good combination. Gift of the Naaru gives you a HoT (Granted a weak one, but it's still a HoT) which is sorely needed by paladins. The racial aura is helpful for parties and raids, and doesn't clash with the class ones (Though it would be nice to be able to pick between the two for this class), which makes it even more beneficial. Then there's the aesthetic bit. The Draenei are just cool. Who doesn't like to be different, eh?

ShadowProwler420 02-07-08 12:47 PM

I've played Dark Elf Necromancers in pretty much any RPG's I've been involved in, and I figured Blood Elf Warlock was the closest I could come.

lilcure 02-07-08 01:40 PM

I played a dwarf for 2 reasons, there were no halfings and gnomes couldn't be priests. I have always played a short healer in whatever game I played so this just fit :)

chayton 06-04-08 01:26 PM

I picked a Belf because they looked cool and because of the racial casting abilities since my Belf is a Mage.

Fashionabull 06-04-08 02:38 PM

When I started I played Taurens (and all names had 'bull' in them) when I decided to try a Pally on a friends recommendation. I could only play a Blood Elf (Horde for Life), and decided to keep the 'bull' in the names. And that's how I became....

ravagernl 06-04-08 04:33 PM

My first character in wow used to be a tauren warrior called "blackbovine". WHy? DIablo II addicted and I played barbarion from 1 to 92 on hardcore. Later on I found out it way different and played a gnome rogue for a while. In TBC I rolled a hunter because 4 of my friends also play one so wanted to try them out.

Now I play on my hunter more then my friends.

wildo 07-27-08 06:35 AM

Chose a nelf female druid, even though I hate nelfs, but my friends were alliance and I wanted to make a druid so I had no choice. Nelf Male casting animations are so *** haha.

blackpandemic 07-28-08 02:25 PM

A) Gear looks best on Humans IMO (least amount of size distortion)
B) Warriors hit things
B) I started a long time ago, so not really sure why I started Canse :P

As you can see, I like hitting and being hit by mobs. Also, you can see that my intellect rating is a bit lower than it should be (kudos if you catch it ;) ).

Now I know that I love tanking things and enjoy the occasional bout of PvP as arms. I couldn't play very long as a squishy and Pally's confuse me :D

Icecoldcoke 07-28-08 03:09 PM

Troll beserking pwns for PVE healing as a shaman.

That's why.

Jesamyn 07-28-08 03:13 PM

When I started playing, a friend suggested that rogue might be a fun class. I chose undead...well, I'm not entirely sure why. :)

I have an orc shaman as a result of reading Lord of the Clans.

When I got ready to start a mage, BC was almost out. With the addiction to mana and all, I thought BE's were a logical choice for mage.

Icecoldcoke 07-28-08 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by Jesamyn (Post 96863)
When I got ready to start a mage, BC was almost out. With the addiction to mana and all, I thought BE's were a logical choice for mage.

I thought they were addicted to energy, wouldn't that make them the logical choice for a rogue? :D :p

Jesamyn 07-29-08 12:07 AM


Actually, it's arcane energy specifically that they are addicted to. Last time I logged into her, my rogue's energy wasn't very arcane. ;)

tintingurl 07-29-08 03:24 AM

i started a NE hunter because i thought at the time the NE looked cool and i love pets so thought the pet thing was nice too.

now my hunter i only play when bored, i turned sides and become a Belf pally :cool:

i do have others like a NE druid witch is nice damage and easy farming since things die pretty fast.

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