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sconley 03-25-10 07:05 PM

Class Name
I would like to see Class name added to the hud similar to the way nUI_HUDLevel adds the level number.

spiel2001 03-25-10 07:16 PM

Well... it does already use the class color for the class in the name of the target and it does already show the class icon on the unit frames as well as giving the talent spec in the HUD (though I'll confess that can be buggy at present)

So, I'm not sure what the benefit there is. My concern is that there is already bordering on too much info in the HUD.

That said, you could edit [ Interface > AddOns > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts > {hud mode} > nUI_HUDSkin_{hud mode}_Target.lua ] and add the class yourself with relative ease. Just look for the ["Class"] section in one of the unit frame skins for an example.

sconley 03-25-10 07:34 PM

Thanks for posting the instructions.

I PVP a lot, it is easier for me to react to the classname than the class color or class icon. I guess over time I would get used to the class icon.
I've been using ct_unitframes to add the class name to the standard target frame.

thanks again, I'll try that change.

spiel2001 03-26-10 07:41 AM

Not a problem.

It did just occur to me that nUI's class engine does not currently print the class name, only the icon. I'll have to make sure I fix that in nUI6.

In the meantime, if you add the following to your [ Interface > AddOns > nUI > Layouts > Default > HUDLayouts > {hud mode} > nUI_HUDSkin_{hud mode}_Target.lua ] file it will add an easy to see class icon top dead center in the HUD immediately below the target casting bar...


        ["Class"] =
            anchor =
                anchor_pt  = "TOP",
                relative_to = "$parent_Casting",
                relative_pt = "BOTTOM",
                xOfs        = 0,
                yOfs        = 5,
            options =
                enabled = true,
                size    = 75,
                inset  = 6,
                strata  = nil,
                level  = 2,

You can change the size of the icon by playing with the "size = 75" element.

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