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myrroddin 06-29-17 07:56 PM

Italians where are you?
Hello Italian speakers, or those who know you! One thing about this fine group of Warcraft players I have been curious about since Blizzard localized the game for you is ... where are you in the addon community?

Poking around the community since itIT was introduced as a supported locale, I have noticed very few addons have Italian translations. Sure, the most popular addons have support, but what about the smaller, niche addons? I'm not just talking about my addons, I have noticed this across the board that very few of the niche addons have full Italian support.

I get it; Blizzard added Italian, and like Portuguese Brazilian before it, the language seemed very niche itself. But there must have been enough players for Blizzard to add these languages. Plus, of course, most of you fine folk also speak other languages, probably including English.

For those wondering, I am not ranting, so please don't read this post in that way. On the other hand, I simply have been curious why the majority of addons haven't been localized into Italian. I mean, if Blizzard thinks there is enough of you to justify translating the entire game, surely there are enough of you using some pretty varied addons.

Thank you for getting me curious. :)

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