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CC_WOW 09-17-17 05:51 AM

C_ArtifactUI.GetEquippedArtifactInfo() returning odd values for artifactTier...
... but only sometimes? Before 7.3, it would always return tier 1 for the original traits, and tier 2 for the empowered ones.

On my characters, it still does (disclaimer: I have not done any 7.3 content because I rarely play) - but for some users it seems to randomly (?) return absurd values, however this is only happening for some classes/specs. So for one Frost DK it would return 1513, and for a Restoration Shaman it's 1533 all of a sudden and I'm not sure what to make of it (as the other specs seem unaffected).

Is there anything I missed that could have changed in the API? I was thinking of the Netherlight Crucible, for example, but that seems to only affect relics and the errors also started being reported before it was unlocked. Anyone willing to try a /dump C_ArtifactUI.GetEquippedArtifactInfo() and see if the last value is anything but 1 or 2?

bsmorgan 09-17-17 09:31 AM

My Frost DK returns 2 and my Hunter has 2 for all three specs.

sezz 09-18-17 04:44 PM

I also got some wierd 15xx tier numbers on my alts while leveling some of the artifact weapons that I have never used before, but didn't really look into it - I'm now only checking if the returned value is too large and assume it's tier 2, because the wrong tier tier number was only temporary for me (it changed back to 2 after learning all the available traits).

CC_WOW 09-18-17 11:52 PM

That's interesting! I couldn't get it to return those values myself, but I went with setting the tier to 1 or 2 depending on the number of purchased traits (below 35, it should still count as tier 1, as far as I know - at which point the empowered traits are unlocked?).

Those odd numbers don't even work with the other Artifact functions, so unless there's something I'm missing maybe it's just a bug...

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