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Seer 02-06-11 02:54 PM

nUI6 tooltips ?
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Screenies incomming;

Not sure how or when this happens, I gues somewhere during combat / dying. A reload fixes it.

Not sure it's a nUI6 problem either, certain other mods like to screw around with adding tooltips but never seen this before nUI6.04.03.09.

Note I'm not mousing over the boss, just over the spells and buffs/debuffs (forgot the mouse doesnt show in screenshots) tho the last one might be on the boss...

Anyone else seen this ?

Also noticed the normal target frame is missing, but I think that is since the last alpha but never really paid attention to that :s

spiel2001 02-06-11 09:13 PM

This is a subject that I've seen raised by a couple of other people on the release. It appears to be a new bug I introduced into the tooltips for the hit box. I think I know what's causing it, but don't have a clear fix yet. I am looking at it and working on a solution.,

Telepavarion 02-07-11 08:17 AM

I see this Bug yesterday to:

In my situation it happens after I disable the tool tips via macro and enable them again over macro. i used to do this because I use standard blizzard frames for healing in dungeons.

Thanks Scoot for all your work. I was a a little time away from testing nUI6 and it was wonderfull what you make in that time. Especially my bug with the minimap is gone away in every resolution. :D:banana:
So thanks a lot for all your work.

Sliver21 02-18-11 05:54 PM

same problem
I have been having the same problem. Although i have just noticed it. My mouse over seems to grap the last item i mouse overed tool tip .. i doesnt release the tool tip. So when i mouse over lets say another character it shows the first item i moused overs tool tip. example. I mouse over my pet it shows its name ect. then i mouse over anything else it only shows the tool tip for my pet. I will try and get screens of it .. also i have Nui 6 alpha running along with


spiel2001 02-20-11 08:58 PM

I presume this is with the current version of nUI6?

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