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Moonroc 10-14-12 10:50 AM

Changing HUD mode
In a recent dungeon, I somehow managed to change my HUD from Player/Target mode to Health/Power. I'd like to get it back the way it was, but I can't find out how to do it. I did some searching and found something about a red button at the top of the screen, but I have no such animal... Is there a slash command that will make the change?? Am I missing something obvious?? Thanks in advance...

Xrystal 10-14-12 11:08 AM

If you don't have a red button at the top of the screen you have your topbars on hide or mouseover so if mousing over the top lines of the screen doesn't show it you will need to turn on the top bars with .. grr whats the slash command .. rofl

ah there we go .. /nui console {on|off|mouseover} so /nui console on to show the top bar section.

Moonroc 10-14-12 01:51 PM

:o Oh... THAT red button!!! Yeah, toolbar was on mouseover as I prefer, but I just couldn't figure out what red button I was looking for - I've never looked to change the HUD layout from the default as installed because I like it that way. Thanks... all is good again! :D

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