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reddrumjay 01-26-12 06:39 PM

Dare I ask...
...where things are with nUI 6 at this point? Are you anticipating an Alpha release in the near future?

spiel2001 01-26-12 06:50 PM

Not in the near future. No.


crazzzzi 01-26-12 09:07 PM

but it is moving along?

spiel2001 01-28-12 01:50 PM

Yes... it is.

I'm developing nUI6 and nUI6+ in parallel. The two are going to be two entirely separate parts where nUI6+ truly expands nUI6. That makes the process very involved particularly given the detail and function that is going into nUI6+

So... it moves along, but I am simply not going to talk about either until they are ready. No timelines, no discussion of features, etc.

(Yes... I am evil... deal with it ~grin~)

crazzzzi 01-28-12 06:29 PM

cool, i can wait as long as it takes. Just so long as it is moving forward. Thx for the reply :) i am sure that once you it gets released it is gonna be awesome

spiel2001 01-29-12 07:57 PM

I will do my very best and in the meantime, I will continue to try and make sure nUI5 is working, as well.

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