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Rusken 04-08-13 02:07 PM

Making kgpanels art with or gimp
So, i've been wanting to learn this for a long time but since i haven't found any good guide for it i kinda gave up a while back.
I have 0 skills and 0 experience with programs like PS, and gimp so i wonder if someone could give me a quick walkthrough on how to make a custom piece of art?
Lets say i want a simple black 1px circle kgpanel, how do i do this in Gimp or
I have watched this guide but since he is using PS illustrator and PS it didn't help me at all, it just made me even more confused:(

Phanx 04-08-13 02:54 PM

For a basic 1px circle in GIMP:

1. Create a new image whose dimensions are either 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 512, or 1024. They don't have to be the same, but each dimension must be one of those. Try 128x128 for a circle.

2. Create a new layer. Layer > New or something. I'm typing all this from memory so names may not be exact. Delete the original layer (it's probably called "Background" and is all white).

3. Use the circle selection tool (the dotted circle looking thing in the toolbox window). Click near the upper left of the canvas, hold shift (to force the selection to remain a circle instead of an oval), drag toward the lower right corner, and release. You now have a circular selection too.

4. Edit > Fill with foreground color (at this point, you should have default white background, black foreground)

5. Edit or Selection > Shrink > 1px

6. Press delete to remove the inside of the circle, leaving you with a 1px border.

7. File > Export > find where you want to save it, type circle.tga, leave the TGA format options alone and just click OK.

8. Now (after you restart WoW) you should be able to load the circle.tga image.

Kendian 04-08-13 02:58 PM

This may help, as well~
Gimp Tutorials

Seerah 04-08-13 03:53 PM

There's also this tutorial:

Rusken 04-09-13 01:51 AM

Thanks alot guys<3

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