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Xyrus 10-17-14 04:06 AM

ObjectiveTrackerFrame | Quest Frame
if i use MoveAnything (/move ObjectiveTrackerFrame) i can move it to a position, but not can make high to show more Quests.

Than i used SexyMap - at first it looks good, after Ui Relaod its the old :(

need someone to move the QuestTracker to the correct position with correct format...

i hope you can understand my problem :/

ObbleYeah 10-17-14 07:23 AM

here, I uploaded my objective tracker mod independently because i've been getting a few requests through for it - and a few others haven't updated yet.

allows you to move the frame by dragging it (when the shift key is held down) plus a few other minor style-based things.

Xyrus 10-17-14 09:39 AM

good start to the right way! THX

but it looks so bad :(
i need the original only with the Option to Move the Frame and if possible the option to Set the high of the frame

Edit: i have modified the lua and now is it nearly perfect! - BIG BIG THX

ObbleYeah 10-17-14 09:53 AM

in that case, here's the relevant code from that stripped and turned into an addon and attached to this post. Made quickly via

To change the height just change:

-- set height of the objective tracker frame.
local otfheight = 450

in code.lua to whatever number you want and it should work i think.

[Edit] Removed attachment. Please don't post addons as attachments to threads, we can't verify them this way. Please upload to the appropriate download category. Thanks ~ Cairenn

Xyrus 10-18-14 10:47 AM

i have only delete 2/3 from the original code... that was for the first enough :)

> again, big big thx

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