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sBaildon 08-28-17 02:16 AM

Resizing frames in combat
I'm trying to resize an oUF unit frame in combat so that I can show/hide some dynamic resources, but I'm getting a bunch of:


8/28 09:11:05.957  Execution tainted by ... while reading INTERFACE_ACTION_BLOCKED_SHOWN - Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1370
8/28 09:11:05.957      ...:SetHeight()

Is there any solution for resizing a frame in combat?

Dridzt 08-28-17 02:43 AM

Resizing, hiding/showing or moving secure frames should all be impossible during combat (outside of the constraints of the secure system) because allowing arbitrary movement would open the door to "one-hit-wonder" type addons again.

Overlay a bunch of actionbuttons and take turns shrinking them to 1 pixel, or moving them outside the screen, or changing their strata etc.. you get the idea.

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