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yarko 09-15-19 09:10 AM

Suggestion for Minion addon recognition
Hello, Wowinterface! Love the site and Minion.

I have a suggestion. Currently, Minion seems to recognize specific addons in the addons directory by folder name, which was fine when there was only one version of WoW. Could you change Minion to recognize addons by folder name and by version number in the toc file? This would be convenient so that devs could produce two different versions of an addon (two separate zip files and two wowinterface addon entries) using all the same file and directory names, with only toc files differing on the interface version line, and Minion would recognize and manage them as separate addons. As it stands, I have to use different folder names and toc file names AND possibly XML files for image file references, for example, when I want to produce the same addon for both versions. Being able to use the same folder name for an addon in both versions of WoW would make things much simpler!

Thank you!

SDPhantom 09-15-19 01:37 PM

Unless you're using symlinks, Classic and Modern WoW already use separate folders. If you're talking about supporting private servers, there's no way that's going to happen as it's against Blizzard ToS and site rules in the first place.

yarko 09-16-19 06:46 AM

I'm not talking about private servers. I'm talking about using the same folder name for the addon, such as "BobMods" in the two different addons folders under retail an classic and Minion recognizing them as separate addon entries, such as "Bobmods" and "BobMods Classic".

yarko 09-16-19 08:16 AM

Let me explain the problem better using addons that actually exist in the wowinterface database now.

Currently there are two separate addons called "OmniCC" and "OmniCC Classic". The first is for retail, the other for classic, the key difference between them, of course, being the different interface numbers used in their toc files. In Minion, I have both retail and classic set up for addon management (after fixing the bogus addon folder location Minion sets up for classic by default).

Now, I go into Minion and install OmniCC into retail, and I install OmniCC Classic into classic. This all works fine. The addons run correctly in game. (I DO have to set to run outdated addons in retail, because OmniCC for retail hasn't been updated recently, but it still works.)

Now, I close Minion, and reopen it. Here is where the problem shows up. If I view my installed addons for retail, it shows that I am running OmniCC Classic in retail, and that it needs an update! Why is it showing that I am running OmniCC Classic in retail? After some examination, I determined that Minion is recognizing addons simply by the name of the folder they are installed into. Since both these separate addons use the same folder name, "OmniCC", Minion is getting confused. It is seeing the retail version as the classic version. If Minion checked both the folder name AND the toc interface number and used those as the unigue "key" to recognize an addon, this problem would go away.

SDPhantom 09-16-19 02:44 PM

As I mentioned before, the two editions of WoW are already in separate folders. Classic being _classic_\Interface\AddOns and Modern being _retail_\Interface\AddOns. If you're talking about the hosting side, this is being worked on.


Originally Posted by Dolby (Post 333423)
We are working on a way for authors to provide 2 files for download if they wish (being built to provide for the possibility of even more release types). We like the option and flexibility of allowing either 2 files on one page or having seperate pages for each like it is now.

If you use the API to upload you can actually upload a classic file to your current project. Just do a GET on the update endpoint and you'll see the new fields at the bottom for classic that you can use in your POST.

This is very early stages so there are some features missing and one big one is that the files won't show in Minion just yet however I'm working on that along with a way to upload a classic file via the webui too. Also there is no visual indication that the classic file you uploaded via the api is pending in the moderation queue.

yarko 09-17-19 01:44 PM

Ah, thanks! Good to know the issue is being worked on! :banana:

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