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feraldrood 05-16-20 01:56 PM

Action Bar cooldown/gcd effect opacity
Hi, I'm trying to change the opacity of the gcd/cooldown clock animation on action bars/auras/buttons- to make it more translucent or brighter or both. Tried getting into omnicc to see if the "cooldown swipe" could be modified, but no setbackground calls or anything I'd recognize as being modifiable. Anyone managed to do this?

also using Aurora, perhaps the way is through that addon or have I missed something in omnicc?


Xrystal 05-16-20 02:13 PM

All nUI does is set the Alpha value to the cooldown layer.

I'm not sure how useful this will be for you but this is some code from nUI that uses cooldowns on its buttons
Lua Code:
  1. function nUI_ButtonBars:createBar( name, layout )
  2.   local bar  = CreateFrame( "Frame", name, nUI_Dashboard.Anchor, "SecureHandlerStateTemplate,SecureHandlerAttributeTemplate" );
  4.   local id         = (rowsloop - 1) * layout.cols + colsloop;
  5.   local button     = CreateFrame( "CheckButton", "$parent_Button", bar, "ActionBarButtonTemplate" );
  6.   ..
  7.   nUI:initActionButton( button );
  8.   ..
  9. end
  11. function nUI:initActionButton( button )
  12.   local btn_name = button:GetName()
  13.   local overlay  = CreateFrame( "Frame", "$parent_ActionOverlay", button );
  14.   ...
  15.   overlay.layers.cooldown  = _G[btn_name.."Cooldown"]
  16.   ...
  17.   overlay.layers.cooldown:SetAlpha( 1 )
  18.   ...
  19. end

This is Blizzards Button code .. in the UpdateCooldown function there are some code blocks regarding set up of the swipe texture. They don't use the alpha fading on that itself though.

feraldrood 05-16-20 08:46 PM

ok~ thanks for the prompt reply Xrystal,

The nUI code is exactly the kind of user input I'm seeking; a simple call for alpha. It lacks an ability to color specify- but that is enough for what I need. I just don't know how to implement it (plug an alpha call into omnicc or any other addon). I'm very inexperienced with code.

It seems through your second link there may be a way for me to call out certain named blizz code function to direct an alpha value though... not sure where to go there either.

What I think *may* be the best solution here is to take advantage of the "draw cooldown swipe" option in the gui for omnicc. If I can figure out where in the lua that option is specified, perhaps there is a way to insert another line specifying alpha and color? I should probably have created this as a line of questioning with omnicc and its authors in particular...

will leave thread open to post a solution when found. reaching out to omnicc addon creators in mean time.

feraldrood 05-16-20 09:18 PM

Found a fix:

The addon Masque has the functionality to modify the alpha and coloration in three places:

1.) The main gui under skin settings, "cooldown" global or addon specific.
2.) The main .lua file of ones specific skin under the category of "cooldown" under the width and height values, add a color call: "Color = {0,0,0,0,0.5},".
3.) Or in the core\\regions\\frame.lua of the main Masque addon. when no other skin is installed

Hope someone finds this useful down the road!

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